SFA Rome 2017 Volunteers

With Summer Faith Adventure Nearly 2 weeks away, you’ve probably got a few questions. So here is a FAQ page to address the most common ones.

Q) Umm, what did I sign up for again?

A) You should have received an email recently outlining your responsibilities. You may also check the Registration Booth in the main lobby for the Volunteer Assignments Roster. If you’re still unsure, or if you are a “floater,” please contact Ms. Meg.

Q) What do I need to do to prepare for my role?

A) First of all, be sure to pick up your Volunteer folder on the table in the main lobby. Most all the information you need is in that folder. Second, begin to pray that God will use your gifts to joy-fully share the message of Jesus with all the children attending. Pray for the little children and their families who may not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you!

Q) I’m a shopkeeper, so what activities will I be doing, do I have to bring anything or decorate my booth?

A) This information will be included in your folder, and Ms. Meg will be sending you a personal email welcoming you to the crew! We will provide all your materials and instructions, and have plenty of props and fabric available for you to personalize your tent!

Q) Will we meet before SFA so I know exactly what to expect? A) Yes. After Wonderful Wednesday supper (June 7) Ms. Lois and I will have craft examples and supplies for you to try making one for your shop in the 2nd/3rd grade classroom across from the MP room. You are encouraged to stop in for some craft time fun, sample some snacks, learn how to wrap up a toga, pick out some Bible costumes, etc. If you are a shopkeeper attending a meeting, remember to swing by and pick up your craft kit to go!

Q) I’m on the Drama Team. When will we practice?

A) Stacy Green is directing the drama team and will arrange practice sessions. She or I will be in contact with you soon.

Q) I’m working the Snack Tent. How can I help?

A) Jan Freedman and Liz Principio are co-leaders of this team. They will have already planned the menu, but may need your help preparing and serving the snacks each night.

Q) I’m on the Rec Team. Do I just show up?
A) Matt Green is the Captain of the Rec Team. He will be in touch with you soon asking you to help with setting up the Colossal slide, gathering supplies for the games, etc.

Q) What time do I need to arrive every night?

A) If you are planning on eating with us, try to get there around 5:00-5:15 to swing by the Costume Closet (2nd/3rd Grade Classroom) , check that your supplies are all laid out and ready to go, and then join us for dinner at 5:30. If you can’t make it to dinner, please arrive by 6:00 so you can get your costume and shop set-up during our 6:00 opening program.

Q) Whatever will I wear?
A) Togas, of course! You can easily wrap a white sheet . We will also have a “Costume Closet” Available in the 2nd/3rd Grade classroom for you to stop by anytime before SFA and stake your claim!